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African Ritual Voodoo Magic Spells
Dr. Mike Philips offers spell-casting and ritual supplies for love, money, protection, and other life conditions. Located in The Gambia, Africa; site is in English. ;

Botanica Santa Barbara Chango Tiembra Ba Congo
Mail-order supplies for practitioners of Santeria, Ifa, Ocha, Espiritismo, Candomble, and Palo Mayombe; site is bi-lingual in English and Spanish. Located in Alexandria, Virginia.

Dr. Christos Kioni
Specializing in life decisions, emotional healing, relationship concerns, and spiritual awakening, Dr. Kioni utilizes his innate psychic abilities, hoodoo, and tarot.

Dr. DePrince Voodoo and Hoodoo Supplies
Books, incense, mojos, bracelets, and spell-kits for use in rituals of love, money, and success. Queens, New York.

Haunted New Orleans Tours
Tours of New Orleans Hoodoo and Voodoo sites.

Llewellyn Journal: Hoodoo Conjuration Article
An article written by the author of the book "Conjur Craft" on the history of Hoodoo with suggestions for updating the tradition for contemporary urban life.

Mo'betta Voodoo
Tarot card readings, books, and Hoodoo/Voodoo style spell kits to enhance spirituality, improve physical well-being, ease mental weariness, and draw good fortune. Burlington, Wisconsin.

Serpent's Kiss
A botanica serving the Ifa, Orisha, Santeria, Hoodoo, Voudou, Palo, and Wicca communities; located in Santa Cruz, California.