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All-Star Puzzles' Cryptograms
Daily problems with browser based solver. The author's name is hidden in the cipher alphabet. [Requires Java]

American Cryptogram Association: Crypto Drop Box
Sample journal issue, links to member homepages, subject-related graphics, subscription information, and resources.

Between Waters
Daily problems and solutions available with or without interactive browser-based solver.

Collection with browser-based solver tool. Includes hints. After deciphering the hidden quotation, solvers must derive the author's name from the cipher-quote letter pairs to complete their puzzle task. [Requires Java]

Cryptic Quoter
Functional online cryptogram machine and solver. Has wof and buster extra features.

Cryptogram Solver Source Code
Source code archive with several programs to automatically solve puzzles. Also includes "crypo-quote" of the day.

Cryptogram game
Browser based solver. [Requires Flash 6]

Ancient Greek mythological themes. Solutions listed separately, along with stories about the mythical characters in the puzzle.

Cryptograms Louise
A new problem every week.

Puzzles featuring a portrait of a famous person and an encrypted quotation of its source or subject.

Letter Frequency and Word Frequency in the English Language
Has the statistics for various types of writings(Press, Religious, Scientific), position in the word(first, second, third, last), and digraphs.

OneAcross - Cryptograms
Solving tool through web browser. Allows entry of a phrase, or selection from "easy, medium, or hard" quotations taken from the Linux fortune collection. Also features the ability to send cryptogram-encoded messages via email. Cryptograms
Ten problems with solutions taken from famous sayings, adages, and proverbs. By William F. Bultas.